The tentative schedule is given below.

Deadlines: All the assignments, programming projects, and technical reports (including proposal, mid-term drafts, final reports, and reviews) are all due at 3:30 p.m. on Tuesdays. Assignments, reports, and reviews (hardcopies) must be turned in in-person at the begining of Tuesdays’ lectures. Students should also submit their reports (in PDF) and programming projects (as tar or zip files) via emails to the instructor and the TA. The received timestamp must be before 3:30 p.m. on Tuesdays.

Late submissions lead to the following penalty. Within 24 hrs, 10%; between 24 and 48 hrs, 30%, between 48 and 120 hrs, 50%. Submissions after 120 hrs will not be graded.


Week: Day
Lecture  (3:30 – 4:45 p.m.)
Student Presenter and Paper Title (4:45 – 5:30 p.m.)
Android Tutorial (5:30 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.) or Progress Reports
1: Feb 16
Introduction PDF
2: Feb 23
Networking Overview [KR08, Ch. 1] PDF Android #1: Environment setup: My First Android Project PDF
3: Mar 1
Networking Overview [KR08, Ch. 1] PDF
4: Mar 8
Networking Overview [KR08, Ch. 1] PDF Wang, Pin-Chun and Mao, Chen-Nien Android #2: Basic User Interface: Intent and Action Bar PDF
5: Mar 15

Wireless Networks [KR08, Ch. 6] PDF

Ying-Yi Chen and Erick Salinas  Discussions on proposal, explain how to write a review Proposal 
6: Mar 22

Proposal (All Students)

Proposal (All Students) 

Android #3: The Lifecycle of Acticity PDF 

7: Mar 29
Wireless Networks [KR08, Ch. 6] PDF 劉淨, 姚舜懷, Usharani, and Reshma Android #4: Fragments and Layouts PDF


8: Apr 5

Holiday, No Lecture

Holiday, No Lecture

Holiday, No Lecture

Holiday, No Lecture
9: Apr 12
Wireless Networks [KR08, Ch. 6] PDF 陳威呈,  Pin-Chun Proposal Reviews 
10: Apr 19
Multimedia Networking [KR08, Ch. 7] PDF Aylada, Ying-Yi, Chen-Nien, Erick, 劉淨, and 姚舜懷 Android #5: Saving Data PDF
11: Apr 26
Digital Image [Burg09, Ch. 1] PDF, Color Model [Burg09, Ch. 2] PDF Usharani, Reshma, and 陳威呈, Aylada Android #6: Networking: Bluetooth and Socket PDF  Quiz #1 (Networking)
12: May 3

Basics of Video Coding [Burg09, Ch. 7] [SC07, Ch. 2] PDF

Pin-Chun and Chen-Nien


Programming Assignment #1
13: May 10
Mid-Term Presentation (All Students) Mid-Term Presentation (All Students)

Mid-term report 

14: May 17
Scalable Video Coding PDF Ying-Yi and Erick Android #7: Android Threads PDF Mid-term Reviews

15: May 24

Video Quality Metrics PDF 劉淨 and 姚舜懷

16: May 31

Dash and WebRTC PDF Hareesh and Reshma Android #8: Integration: Facebook API PDF Programming Assignment #2

17: Jun 7


陳威呈 and Aylada


18: Jun 14

Final presentation + demo



Final technical report due on Jun 14, 3:30 p.m.

Jun 21




Programming Assignment #3