The tentative schedule is given below.

Week: Day
Tue 11:10 – 12:00 Thu 10:10-12:00
1: Sep 8
2: Sep 15
Q1: Motivation and Introduction
  1. Host Extension to IP Multicasting; S. Deering; RFC 1112.
  2. The PIM Architecture for Wide-area Multicast Routing; S. Deering et al.; IEEE/ACM TNET 1996.
  3. A Tutorial on Decomposition Methods for Network Utility Maximization; D. Palomar and M. Chiang; IEEE JSAC 2006.
3: Sep 22
V1: What is Virtual Reality, V2: History of VR: Cheng-Hao Wu
4: Sep 29
Q2: Quality and Quality of Experience: Chia-Ying Hsieh
  1. The JPEG Still Picture Compression Standard; G. Wallace; Communication of the ACM 1991.
  2. MPEG: A Video Compression Standard for Multimedia Applications; D. Le Gall; Communications of the ACM 1991.
  3. Overview of SHVC: Scalable Extensions of the High-Efficiency Video Coding Standard; J. Boyce et al.;  IEEE TCSVT 2016.
5: Oct 6
V3: An Overview of Various Reality, V4: Immersion, Presence, and Reality Trade-Offs: Tse-Hou Hong Holiday
6: Oct 13
Q3: Quality of Experience Versus User Experience: Chung-Hung Kuo Oct 17th, Term Paper Proposal:

  • 5-min presentation (roughly 5 slides)
  • PDF file with motivation and problem description due at the midnight
7: Oct 20
Q6: Quality of Service Versus Quality of Experience: Min-Han Tsai
8: Oct 27
V6: Objective and Subjective Reality: Muhammad Meisza
  1. RTP: A Transport Protocol for Real-Time Applications; H. Schulzrinne et al.; RFC 3550.
  2. Guidelines for Writers of RTP Payload Format Specifications; M. Handley and C. Perkins; RFC 2736.
  3. Delivering Stable High-quality Video: an SDN Architecture with DASH Assisting Network Elements; J. Kleinrouweleret al.; ACM MMSys’16.
9: Nov 3
V7: Perceptual Models and Processes: 朱祐葳
10: Nov 10
V12: Motion Sickness: Yi-Min Lau
  1. A Multi-Threshold Online Smoothing Technique for Variable Rate Multimedia Streams; R. Zimmermann et al.i; Multimedia Tools and Applications journal 2006.
  2. Adaptive Media Playout for Low-delay Video Streaming Over Error-prone Channels; M. Kalman et al.; IEEE TCSVT 2004.
  3. Packet Audio Playout Delay Adjustment: Performance Bounds and Algorithms; S. Moon et al.; ACM/Springer Multimedia Systems 1998.
11: Nov 17
V20: High-Level Concepts of Content Creation: Manash Paul
12: Nov 24
Mid-term Progress Presentation (1/2) Guest Lecture: Building Intelligent Mobile Camera Systems: Visual Privacy by Design Meets Social Interaction: Prof. Pan Hui, HKUST and UH

  1. Measurements of the Congestion Responsiveness of Windows Streaming Media; J. Nichols et al.; ACM NOSSDAV’04.
  2. RMI System: Internet Meets the Future Home TheaterC. Papadopoulos et al.; IEEE MultiMedia, 2004.
  3. A Buffer-based Approach to Rate Adaptation: Evidence from a Large Video Streaming Service; T. Huang et al.; ACM SIGCOMM’14.

  • Nov 26th: 10-min presentation
  • Nov 28th: PDF file with an introduction, related work, problem statement, problem solution, and evaluation plan, due at the midnight
13: Dec 1
Mid-term Progress Presentation (2/2)
14: Dec 8
  • Q14: Audiovisual Communication: Tuhin Subhra Hazra
  • Q15: Multimedia Conferencing and Telemeetings: Chia-Ying Hsieh
  1. A Survey of Packet-loss Recovery Techniques for Streaming Audio; C. Perkins et al.; IEEE Network Magazine 1998.
  2. Packet Loss Effects on MPEG Video Sent Over the Public Internet; J. Boyce and R. Gaglianello; ACM Multimedia’98.
  3. Error Control Techniques for Interactive Low-bit Rate Video Transmission Over the Internet; I. Rhee; ACM SIGCOMM’98.
15: Dec 15
  • Q19: Video Streaming: Min-Han Tsai
  • Q20: 3D Video: Cheng-Hao Wu
16: Dec 22
Q24: Sensory Experience: Quality of Experience Beyond Audio-Visual: Chung-Hung Kuo
  1. Multimedia Proxy Caching Mechanism for Quality Adaptive Streaming Applications in the Internet; R. Rejaie et al.; IEEE INFOCOM’00.
  2. Design and Evaluation of a Proxy Cache for Peer-to-Peer Traffic; M. Hefeeda et al.; IEEE TC’11.
  3. Resilient Peer-to-Peer Streaming; V. Padmanabhan; IEEE ICNP’03.
17: Dec 29
Q25: Gaming: Tse-Hou Hong
18: Jan 5
Final Presentation Jan 9th, Final Presentation:

  • 10-min poster presentation
  • Final term paper, due at the midnight