The tentative schedule is given below.

Week: Day
Tue 3:30 – 5:20 p.m. Thu 3:30-4:20 p.m. Deadline
1: Sep 8
Q1: Overview
2: Sep 15
An Overview on Stratum and P4 (@NCTU)
3: Sep 22
Q2: Quantum Background: Chun-Hung Kuo
4: Sep 29
Q3: Networking Background: Chao-Wen Chen Oct 1st, Survey Paper Proposal:

  • 3-min group presentation
  • PDF file with paper organization and summary of relevant survey papers, due at the midnight
5: Oct 6
6: Oct 13
Q4: Teleportation: Cheng-Hao Wu
7: Oct 20
Q8: Physical Entanglement and Link-Layer Protocols: Tse-Hou Hung
8: Oct 27
9: Nov 3
Q10: Purification and Entanglement Swapping-Based Repeaters: Chung-Chiu Chen
10: Nov 10
Q11: Quantum Error Correction-Based Repeaters: Ming-Te Chou
11: Nov 17
Q13: Resource Management and Multiplexing: Yong-Xuan Huang Nov 19th, Checkpoint:

  • 10-min group presentation
  • PDF file with no less than 30 references, equally-distributed among your categories due at the midnight
12: Nov 24
Q14: Routing: Chao-Wen Chen
13: Dec 1
Q15: Quantum Recursive Network Architecture: Chun-Hung Kuo
14: Dec 8
C3: Introduction to Cyber-Physical Systems: Cheng-Hao Wu
15: Dec 15
C4: Introduction to the Internet of Things: Tse-Hou Hung
16: Dec 22
C5: Ubiquitous Computing: Ming-Han Tsai
17: Dec 29
C8: Social Impact on Work Lives of the Future: Chung-Chiu Chen
18: Jan 5
Final Presentation Jan 7th, Final Presentation:

  • 20-min group presentation
  • Final survey paper due at the midnight