CS3330 Scientific Computing, Fall 2015

  • Instructor: Cheng-Hsin Hsu (chsu AT cs.nthu.edu.tw), Delta (台達館) 643.
  • Time: Tuesdays 1:20 p.m. – 2:10 p.m., Fridays 1:20 – 3:10 p.m.
  • Location: EECS (資電館) 323.
  • Office Hour: Tuesdays 2:10 p.m.- 3:10 p.m. at Delta 643.
  • TA: Mu-Che Lee (morton7932 AT gmail.com), Daniel Huang (buzzfirefox AT gmail.com), and Meng-Chen Tsai (tony830705 AT gmail.com)
  • Lab Session (Assignment demo): Tuesdays 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. at EECS 323.

一、課程說明(Course Description)

This course covers the basic concepts of scientific computing, and consists of three modules: (i) mathematical typesetting with Latex, (ii) symbolic computing with SageMath, and (iii) numerical computing and visualization with Matlab.

二、指定用書(Text Books)

1. “More Math Into Latex”, G. Gratzer, 4th Ed., Springer, available online at NTHU’s Library (http://link.springer.com/book/10.1007%2F978-0-387-68852-7).
2. “Sage for Undergraduates”, G. Bard, American Mathematical Society, online version at http://www.gregorybard.com/books.html .
3. “Experiments with Matlab”, C. Moler, available online at http://www.mathworks.com/moler/exm/index.html .
4. “Numerical Computing with Matlab”, C. Moler, available online at http://www.mathworks.com/moler/index_ncm.html .



四、教學方式(Teaching Method)

Lectures, lab sessions, assignments, and exams.


Tentatively, we plan to cover Latex (textbook #1) in 3 weeks, SageMath (textbook #2) in 3 weeks, and Matlab (mostly textbook #3) in 9 weeks.


Assignments (40% + 5% bonus), 15 times
Mid Term Exam (25%)
Final Exam (35%)