The tentative schedule is given below.

Mon Wed
1 (Jan 6)

Course Intro/Project Ideas slides,

S. Keshav, “How to Read a Paper,” ACM SIGCOMM CCR’07.

The Internet and Layering Structure slides,

B. Carpenter (Ed.), “Architectural Principles of the Internet,” RFC 1958, June 1996.

Application-layer Protocols slides,

M. Handley, “Why the Internet Only Just Works,” BT Technology Journal, July 2006.

2 (Jan 13)

Cloud and Data Centers slides,

M. Armbrust et al., “A View of Cloud Computing,” ACM Communications, April 2010.

Data Center Networks slides,

A. Greenberg et al., “VL2: A Scalable and Flexible Data Center Network,” ACM SIGCOMM’09.

Review, Quiz#1,

V. Srivastava and M. Motani, “Cross-Layer Design: A Survey and the Road Ahead,” IEEE Communications Magazine, December 2005.

3 (Jan 20)

Multimedia Networking Principles slides,

Stockhammer, “Dynamic adaptive streaming over HTTP –: standards and design principles, ” ACM MMsys’11.

Multimedia Networking Principles slides,

J. Apostolopoulos et al., “Video Streaming: Concepts, Algorithms, and Systems,” Technical Report HPL-2002-260.

4 (Jan 27)

Multimedia Networking Principles slides,

D. Le Gall, “MPEG: A Video Compression Standard for Multimedia Applications,” ACM Communications, April 1991.

Video Compression Overview slides,

Y. Bao et al., “Shooting a Moving Target: Motion-Prediction-Based Transmission for 360-Degree Videos,” IEEE BigData’16.


Video Compression Overview slides,

A. Langley et al., “The QUIC Transport Protocol: Design and Internet-Scale Deployment,” ACM SIGCOMM’17.

5 (Feb 3)

Term-Project Proposal Presentations and Discussions,

S. Schwarz et al., “Emerging MPEG Standards for Point Cloud Compression,” IEEE JETCAS’18.

DASH and RTP Streaming slides,

R. de Queiroz and P. Chou, “Motion-Compensated Compression of Dynamic Voxelized Point Clouds,” IEEE TIP’17.

360 Video Streaming (Intro to Assign. #1) slides,


J. Park et al, “Rate-Utility Optimized Streaming of Volumetric Media for Augmented Reality,” arXiv’18.


Literature Survey
6 (Feb 10)

Peer-to-Peer Networks slides,

X. Zhang et al., “CoolStreaming/DONet: A Data-Driven Overlay Network for Peer-to-Peer Live Media Streaming,” IEEE INFOCOM’05.

Software Defined Networks slides,

S. Jain et al., “B4: Experience with a Globally-Deployed Software Defined WAN,” ACM SIGCOMM’13.

Paper Presentation: OpenNebula Distributed Cloud,

M. Ryden et al., “Nebula: Distributed Edge Cloud for Data Intensive Computing,” IEEE IC2E’14.

Assignment 1 PDF
7 (Feb 17) Holiday Software Defined Networks slides

Paper Presentation: Information Centric Networks,

T. Mick et al., “LASeR: Lightweight Authentication and Secured Routing for NDN IoT in Smart Cities,” IEEE JIoT’18.

8 (Feb 24)

Dataplan Programming with P4 (Intro to Assign. #2) slides,

P. Bosshart et al., “P4: Programming Protocol-Independent Packet Processors,” ACM SIGCOMM CCR’14,


Wireless Networks slides





Paper Presentation: Decentralized Social Media,

F. Tegeler et al., “Gemstone: Empowering Decentralized Social Networking with High Data Availability, ” IEEE GLOBECOM’11.

Assignment 2 PDF
9 (Mar 3)

Cellular Networks slides,

N. Abbas et al., “Mobile Edge Computing: A Survey, ” IEEE TIoT’18.


Internet-of-Things Analytics (Intro to Assign. #3) slides,

G. Ananthanarayanan et al., “Real-Time Video Analytics: The Killer App for Edge Computing,” IEEE Computer’17.


S. Jain et al., “Scaling Video Analytics Systems to Large Camera Deployments,” ACM HotMobile’19.

Paper Presentation: Energy Efficient Internet-of-Things,

S. Sen et al., “TRIFECTA: Security, Energy Efficiency, and Communication Capacity Comparison for Wireless IoT Devices, ” IEEE IC’18.

10 (Mar 10)

Context Awareness slides,

S. Elmalaki et al., “CAreDroid: Adaptation Framework for Android Context-Aware Applications, ” ACM MobiSys’15.

J. Ren et al., “Exploiting Mobile Crowdsourcing for Pervasive Cloud Services: Challenges and Solutions, ” IEEE Comm. Mag.’15.

Quantum Internet slides,

S. Wehner et al., “Quantum Internet: A Vision for the Road Ahead, ” Science’18,

H. Kimble, “The Quantum Internet, ” Science’08.


Review, Quiz#4,

Paper Presentation: Media Aware Network Element,

J. Yang et al., “Controllable Multicast for Adaptive Scalable Video Streaming in Software-Defined Networks,” IEEE TMM’18.

Assignment 3 PDF
Final (Mar 17)
Final Presentation and Demo (30 mins per Team)