Sample Term Project Topics:

Same project directions are given below. Please email the instructor (chsu AT for further discussions on choosing the direction and setting the scope of your project. You are also more than welcome to suggest new topics/directions.

  • Distributed Pub/Sub Architecture for Load-Balancing
  • Smart IoT Environments Supporting Multi-tenant Trigger-Action Rules
  • SDN-Based Media-Aware Network Elements (or In-Network Processing)
  • Distributed Virtual/Augmented Reality Rendering (e.g., using Unity)
  • 3D Point Cloud Compression and Streaming
  • Decentralized Mobile Social Media
  • Upload Planning in Dynamic IoT Environments
  • Context-Aware Augment Reality Applications/Games
  • Distributed Question and Answering Systems
  • Software Module Deployment and Migration in Cloud-to-Thing Continuum

More details about the groups will be posted here.