Welcome to the Networking and Multimedia Systems Lab

The Networking and Multimedia Systems Lab (NMSL) is a research lab of the Department of Computer Science at National Tsing Hua University (NTHU), Hsinchu, Taiwan. NMSL is led by Dr. Cheng-Hsin Hsu, located at EECS 741 and 742. We are interested in the broad areas of multimedia networking and distributed systems. We design, implement, and evaluate new algorithms and systems to enable more efficient multimedia content delivery over networks to many heterogeneous devices. We are systems people and always strive to develop solutions suitable to real systems. Many of our projects lead to prototype systems built with off-the-shelf components.

  • We are looking for PhD students for NTHU-UoL Dual PhD Scholarship on Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) Algorithm for Six Degree-of-Freedom Virtual Reality Streaming. More details can be found here. This is part of a 4-year dual PhD program with a scholarship. Each accepted student will work with us and Prof. Prudence Wong’s team at the Department of Computer Science, University of Liverpool. Successful candidates need to have good programming and math skills, ideally from CS or Math departments. An additional masters degree in multimedia, networking, or mathematical optimization is a plus, though not required. Current NTHU master and senior undergraduate students are highly encouraged to apply. Interested students, please send your cover letter and CV/Resume to Cheng-Hsin Hsu (chsu AT cs.nthu.edu.tw). Applications will be reviewed and applicants will be interviewed on a rolling basis.
  • CFP: Special Issue on Special Issue on Recent Advances in Immersive Multimedia, IEEE Multimedia.
  • Many of our projects involve international collaborators from different countries, including USA (such as California, New York, and Mid-West), Canada, Norway, Singapore, Austria, Finland, Sweden, Japan, and Korea. If you are interested in getting paid internship or doing a dual degree (Master or PhD) at these collaborating labs, please contact me (chsu AT cs.nthu.edu.tw). For example, NTHU undergradaute students who are interested in network measurements may apply for a 5-year dual-MS program with our collaborator at Linköping University.
  • We are always looking for motivated Postdoc resarchers, Ph.D./Master students, and undergraduate students, working as research assistants in the areas of multimedia and networking systems.
  • If you are interested in joining us, please send me (chsu AT cs.nthu.edu.tw) a couple of paragraphs about your research interests. I will contact you if we share the same interests and vision. Our current research directions include:
    • Mobile cloud XR (Extended Reality) gaming over 5G/6G cellular networks.
    • Emerging quantum Internet architecture and simulators.
    • 3D scene reconstruction (LiDar-based indoor sensing), transmission (dynamic point cloud streaming), and display (hologrammatic AR displays)
    • Internet-of-Things (IoT) analytics based on machine learning (such as dangerous driving behavior detection and vehicle reidentification in smart cities)
  • We organized the Smart IoT Lecture Series in 2019 and 2020. Please check out the time/location of the exciting talks here.

Our students have been very dedicated, and their good performance has been highly recognized. In the past few years, our students have received the following competitive awards:

  • 2021: Tzu-Yi Fan, Novatek Scholarship (Master)
  • 2021: Chia-Ying Hsieh, Novatek Scholarship (Master)
  • 2020: Tzu-Yi Fan, Garmin Scholarship
  • 2020: Min-Han Tsai, Novatek Scholarship (Master)
  • 2020: Cheng-Hao Wu, Novatek Scholarship (Master)
  • 2020: Tse-Hou Hung, NTHU President Scholarship
  • 2019: Ching-Ling Fan, Novatek Scholarship (PhD)
  • 2018: Yu-Ming Lai, Pan Wen Yuan Culture Foundation Scholarship
  • 2018: Ching-Ling Fan, Novatek Scholarship (PhD)
  • 2018: Ching-Ling Fan, Best PhD Forum Presentation, IEEE PerCom’18
  • 2018: Hua-Jun Hong, Garmin Scholarship
  • 2018: Yu-Tung Pai, WeTech Qualcomm Global Scholars
  • 2018: Ching-Ling Fan, NTHU President Scholarship
  • 2017: Hua-Jun Hong, Pei-Hsuan Tsai, Best Paper, IEEE CloudCom’17
  • 2017: Wen-Chih Lo, Pan Wen Yuan Culture Foundation Scholarship
  • 2017: Pei-Hsuan Tsai, Novatek Scholarship (Master)
  • 2017: Jo-Chi Chuang, WeTech Qualcomm Global Scholars
  • 2017: Ching-Ling Fan, NTHU President Scholarship
  • 2016: Hua-Jung Hong, Pei-Hsuan Tsai, Best Paper, APNOMS’16
  • 2016: Pin-Chun Wang, Pan Wen Yuan Culture Foundation Scholarship
  • 2016: Hua-Jun Hong, MSRA Fellowship Finalists
  • 2016: Pin-Chun Wang, Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship
  • 2016: Ching-Ling Fan, NTHU President Scholarship
  • 2015: Tao-Ya Fan-Chiang, Novatek Scholarship (Master)
  • 2015: Ching-Ling Fan, Pan Wen Yuan Culture Foundation Scholarship

We have been lucky to collaborate with the colleagues from the following institutions:

  • University of California, Irvine
  • Simon Fraser University
  • University of Oslo
  • National University of Singapore
  • University of Ottawa
  • University of California, Davis
  • University of Toulouse